Our company has been built with strong principles of offering maximum fun within legal boundaries. With the above principle we have created a team of professionals who handle our brick & mortar and online casino. Our main focus has been providing the best poker tables for our players. We understand the uniqueness of the needs of this profession and hence we train our team members whether they are part of security or software or dealers they undergo stringent training relevant to their job titles.

The main aim of our team is to provide the best of entertainment to our guests and make them comfortable at our home the casino. Our online customers are treated no differently though they may sit at the comfort of their homes we still have online support to cater to any difficulties they may face. Security is another aspect that is important for any casino be it online or offline. Here we have the best ex-military personnel and cyber security experts at our disposal, who are always on the lookout for anything fishy happening at our casino. This ensures that our location is safe against any frauds and cheats who could affect our customers. The main part of our team are our investors and board of directors, they play a very significant role in guiding us and throwing light on the direction we should continue our journey into. They play a key role in taking decisions and acting as an important clog in the wheels. Thus our team with its various contributors’ acts likes a well-oiled machine that runs this wonderful Casino and we thank the players, our customers for their significant contribution in terms of feedback they had given in the past. Thanks to our good response mechanism we have a thriving business. Thanks to you our customers.